General terms and conditions

This Website is owned by the O.T.M. SRL company, registered office in Via Muriaglio nr. 4, Fr. Campo Canavese, 10081 Castellamonte (TO) Italy. Vat number: 05892130013 / Tax Code: 05892130013.

This website and other internet domains registered by Autoricambi Moncalieri are exclusively aimed at bulk and retail sales. The Terms and Conditions are ruled by the Italian Legislation – in particular “D.Lgs. 70/003†on e- commerce and “D.Lgs. 206/2005†with reference to distance selling regulation.

  • 1. Contract effectiveness
  • 2. Contract formalization
  • 3. Delivery time and method
  • 4. Price
  • 5. Limitation of liability
  • 6. Customer responsibility
  • 7. Customer's right of wuthdrawal
  • 8. Promotions and gifts
  • 9. Product warranty
  • 10. Litigation
  • 11. Applicable laws

1. Contract effectiveness

Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions and make sure that you understand them before ordering any products from our website. You should understand that by ordering any of our products online or by telephone, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Any change that might occur to the contract will be effective only after it is advertised on our website.

2. Contract formalization

  • Orders may be placed through our website or by telephone through our Customer Service.
  • All orders must be completed in every part and allow the unambiguous identification of the products, the customer and the dispatch address.
  • All orders are subject to acceptance by us. Orders may be refused due to incompleteness or faulty behaviours (overdue payments or repeated returns).
  • The contract is valid and binding when the order confirmation is sent to the client. This is sent by e-mail (Order Summary). Please note that Autoricambi Moncalieri might send an automatic thank you e-mail, which is not the order confirmation.
  • The customer may cancel the order within 12 hours since the receipt of payment through bank transfer or bank giro credit transfer. Cancellations are made by e-mail or telephone. After 12 hours all orders are ultimately confirmed. However, the client is still entitled to withdraw the contract.

3. Delivery time and method

  • Your order will be fulfilled by the set out delivery date and handled by a trusted carrier. Autoricambi Moncalieri commits itself to abide by the shipping methods and dates described on the website. However, we acknowledge that some orders may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control (strikes or transport disruptions).
  • We are not liable for your failure to provide a complete and correct delivery address. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have supplied us with the correct details.
  • Delivery time is set out in the specific product page and refers to stock available in our warehouses. However, this may vary depending on your place of delivery. Dates quoted for delivery are approximate only and delays cannot be a reason for refunds.
  • Shipment costs are borne by the customer, unless agreed otherwise by telephone. In this case, the Order Summary e-mail will specify the agreed terms.
  • Delivery only takes place on receipt of payment of the invoice. Additional information is available in the “Payment Methods†page.
  • Orders are dispatched in sealed packets. Because of cost reduction rationales, parcels cannot be opened or checked by customers before payment (unless agreed otherwise, but never when paying by cash on delivery).
  • Products must be collected in person and signed for. It is customers’ responsibility to be available at the estimated time and date. The carrier will carry out up to 3 deliveries and then will send the parcel back to us. We will organize another shipment exclusively for credit card and bank transfer payments. Scarce collaboration by customers may be a cause of exclusion.
  • With multiproduct sales, payments by cash on delivery will be recorded on one only shipment, regardless of the number of dispatches.
  • If the customer pays by cash on delivery and does not convey in writing the cancellation of the contract or refuse the parcel, we reserve the right to debit a fixed charge of 25 euros. This covers shipment, stock, return expenses and possible impairment of goods.
  • Goods received are considered to be accepted (in terms of content, quality and quantity) after 10 working days without complaints since receipt of the parcel. Please find additional information in the webpages under “Services†(Payment Methods, Delivery Time and Methods).

4. Price

  • All selling prices on the website are expressed in Euros. All prices are not comprehensive of VAT and other charges/taxes, unless otherwise stated.
  • Product prices and delivery charges are liable to change at any time, but changes will not affect orders in respect of which we have already sent you an Order Confirmation.
  • In the event of an order modification, new products will be applied the prices specified on the website. Mere changes in quantity instead will be applied the same prices specified in the order, regardless of changes occurred on the website.

5. Limitation of liability

  • Autoricambi Moncalieri does not bear any responsibility for inefficiencies of any type attributable to circumstances beyond our control, which would prevent us from executing the contract within the agreed dates. Circumstances beyond our control may be, for instance, strikes of worker categories or public authority provisions.
  • Please note that in some cases the pictures published on the website may differ from the shipped products (for instance, we do not have the possibility to provide pictures for every colour variation). In the case of disagreement between picture and description, the latter should always be relied on. Our Customer Service is available to clarify information on all products.

6. Customer responsability

  • Customers commit themselves to print and keep the General Terms and Conditions of the contract. Information contained within the document shall be examined and accepted by the customer before sending the purchase order, in accordance with “D.Lgs. 185/1999; art.3-4â€. Acceptance is incurred by ticking the box provided on the website. In absence of this, orders will not be processed.
  • The General Terms and Conditions are considered to be implicitly accepted for all orders sent by e-mail, fax and telephone.

7. Customer's right of withdrawal

  • Please visit the webpage "Return and Refund Policy"

8. Promotions and gifts

  • All promotions and free gifts proposed by Autoricambi Moncalieri are subject to availability and valid within the limitations indicated in the specific webpage. Offers may be combined with other promotions.
  • Promotional products may be shipped with special packaging, different from those advertised on the website.

9. Product warranty

  • Autoricambi Moncalieri guarantees that the products shipped to the customer are identical to those described on our website. Customers are entitled to ask for an amendment to the order when goods are proved to be damaged, missing or wrong (Art. 6.2). The next order will be credited with the contested amount.
  • Communications on the above anomalies shall be made by 3 days after the delivery takes place. Substitution expenses are borne by us.
  • We guarantee our compliance with all the rules on inventory preservation until the moment of the delivery. We shall have no liability for the deterioration goods occurred after delivery.
  • Please visit the webpage “Purchases on Autoricambi Moncalieri†for further information about warranty claims. Pictures published on our website are approximate and do not constitute part of the contract.

10. Litigation

All litigations regarding application, execution, interpretation, breaching are submitted to the Italian Jurisdiction. If the customer is located in Italy, the competent court is the one in charge of the customer’s place of abode. If the customer is beyond the Italian borders, the contract’s execution place determines the competent court.

11. Applicable laws

Contracts entered into through our website are ruled by the Italian Law. As regards anything not expressly provided for in this agreement, laws and regulations applicable to online commerce and distance selling are effective.

Pursuant to “Art. 1341-1342 c.c.â€, customers declare to have read carefully and to accept the General Terms and Conditions of the contract with Autoricambi Moncalieri and in particular the following clauses: Limitation of Liability; Customer’s Right of Withdrawal; Product warranty; Litigation; and Applicable Laws

Customers are invited to contact Autoricambi Moncalieri for every communication provided for by the General Terms and Conditions.