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Autoricambi Moncalieri is committed to guarantee the accuracy of all information contained in this website. However, the online catalogue is not an unfailing guide to our products and services, since product features and lines are constantly updated to match our reference market. Partners and agents do not retain any right to bind Autoricambi Moncalieri with any agreement or commitment, both explicit and implicit.


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Autoricambi Moncalieri is committed to guarantee that all information contained in this website is correct, complete and up-to-date. When using this website, customers subscribe the Terms and Conditions, which go into effect since the first visit. Without intention to compromise the visitors’ rights, we state that the website and all its information (texts, names, images, pictures, logos, links, icons and all other materials) are made available “as such”, with no guarantees or authorizations, neither explicit nor implicit. In particular, we do not guarantee the absolute accuracy or the completeness of the information provided in the website, nor the total absence of errors, viruses or interruptions of service. We shall not be liable under any circumstances for damages or losses (both direct and indirect) stemming from the usage of information provided by the website. Also claims regarding the malfunctioning of the website are outside of our liability.


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Acceptance and modification of general terms and conditions

If a clause contained in the General Terms and Conditions is found to be in contrast with an applicable law or regulation, the clause is considered ineffective. All other clauses contained in the General Terms and Conditions remain binding for the contractual parties. We reserve the right to modify any term or condition at any time. In the case of non-acceptance or partial acceptance of the stated clauses, you should leave this website immediately.