Company originis

Autoricambi Moncalieri was founded in the early 80s. Over the years we have specialized in the area of truck spare parts. This decision was in face of the latest crisis in the car manufacturing industry, absolutely right.

Company evolution

Over the years Autoricambi Moncalieri expanded its product range with new products to better meet the needs of its customers. At present Autoricambi Moncalieri sells, through their new attractive website, truck spare parts in Europe. Through the passion for our work and the good cooperation of our team, we are able to cope with daily challenges and at the same time increase our productivity.

Company location

Autoricambi Moncalieri is located in Moncalieri (TO), Strada Carignano 46, exactly on the main road between Moncalieri and La Loggia and easily accessible due to its proximity to the motorway - exit La Loggia. Having always been located in a very strategic location, Autoricambi Moncalieri has built up an extensive network of sales agents and distributors of their products, reaching all provinces of Piedmont.

The people

The company’s employees have been working together for more than 20 years and have developed a very good working relationship with mutual trust over time. Additionally, the employees have been personally supported over the years in their professional growth and needs.

The future

Autoricambi Moncalieri has set a goal to always find new products to help satisfy the needs its customers and also pay particular attention about the quality of the products that they offer. Due to the dynamic development of the market Autoricambi Moncalieri has specialized itself in e-commerce, enabling them to reach the European market through a highly modern trilingual (Italian, English, Spanish and German) dynamic website.

Our goals

Quality at the right price, efficiency, attention to detail and the speed of delivery are our keywords. In short, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Diversification through new channels and up-to-date knowledge of the products which we make available to our customers is the goal of Autoricambi Moncalieri.