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  • €36.00 - €54.00

High-Quality Aftermarket floor mats for DAF Industrial Vehicles

Discover our range of aftermarket mats for DAF vehicles, the ideal solution to protect your industrial vehicle's floor area from dirt, moisture, and daily wear.

Crafted by hand with high-quality materials, our OTM mats ensure lasting protection and impeccable aesthetics, perfect for keeping your DAF in optimal condition.

Superior Protection: Specifically designed for DAF commercial vehicles, these mats offer complete coverage, effectively preventing the accumulation of dirt and liquids that can damage the vehicle's floor.

Artisanal Quality: Each mat is handmade with meticulous precision, resulting in a superior product that combines durability and style.

Easy to Clean: Thanks to durable and easy-to-maintain materials, our aftermarket mats are simple to clean, allowing for quick and effortless upkeep.

Why Choose Our Aftermarket Mats for DAF?
Opting for OTM mats means choosing excellence for your DAF vehicle. Not only do you protect the interior of your truck from daily stresses, but you do so with a style that reflects the quality and innovation of the DAF brand. Ideal for hauliers and operators in the commercial vehicle sector who do not want to compromise on quality and functionality.

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