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  • €110.00 - €150.00

Aftermarket Backrests for Industrial and Commercial Vans

Welcome to our selection dedicated to aftermarket backrests for industrial and commercial vans, a perfect solution for those looking to enhance the comfort and functionality of their vehicle.

Expertly crafted by Italian artisans, our backrests combine quality, style, and practicality, making them the ideal choice for your van.

Why Choose Our Aftermarket Backrests?

Italian Artisan Certification: Each backrest is the result of the experience and precision of Italian artisans, ensuring a superior quality product, true to the Made in Italy tradition.

Perfect Interchangeability: Designed to be fully interchangeable with the original backrests, our products fit perfectly without the need for modifications, maintaining the original look and functionality of the vehicle.

Simple and Fast Installation: Thanks to their smart design, the backrests can be easily and quickly mounted, allowing you to efficiently and effortlessly renew the interior of your van.

Renew the interior of your van with our aftermarket backrests. Not only will you improve the appearance of your vehicle, but you will also enhance comfort for you and your passengers, making every journey a more pleasant and restful experience.

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