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  • €99.00 - €100.00

Aftermarket Seat for SCANIA 144

Welcome to our selection of seats for SCANIA 144 industrial vehicles. Each element of our collection is designed to offer you the utmost in comfort and efficiency during driving, with a particular focus on the driver's side.

High-Quality Padded Cushion: A perfect blend of comfort and support, designed for long journeys without fatigue.

Durable Cover: Accompanied by a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing cover, available in an elegant color that perfectly integrates with the interior of your SCANIA.

Made in Italy: Products entirely made in Italy, synonymous with quality and durability, thanks to the use of top-choice materials and the craftsmanship of Italian artisans.

Artisan Certification: Each seat is thoroughly tested and certified, ensuring not only comfort but also safety.

Compatibility and Easy Installation: Designed to be perfectly interchangeable with the original seats, our seats are extremely easy to install, allowing you to renew the look and comfort of your vehicle in a few simple steps.

Explore our range and choose superior quality for your SCANIA 144. With our seats, every journey becomes an experience of pure pleasure and comfort, making every move more enjoyable and less tiring.

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