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  • €112.00 - €113.00

Aftermarket seats for Scania R

Scania R First Series and R 2018 Seats: Comfort and Quality at Your Service

Upgrade and enhance your driving experience in your Scania R First Series and R 2018 with our seat cushions, complete with a high-quality padded cushion and cover. Designed for the driver's side of Scania industrial vehicles, these seats offer unparalleled comfort and a unique touch of style.

Package Contents:

Padded Cushion: The core of our seat is a padded cushion that provides maximum comfort during your long workdays behind the wheel.

High-Quality Cover: Complete your seat with a durable and well-finished cover, designed to protect and enhance your original seat with a unique color and flawless design.

Key Features:

Brand New Product: These seat cushions are brand new, ready to improve the comfort and appearance of your Scania R First Series and R 2018.

Made in Italy: Proudly made in Italy, these seats carry the legacy of Italian craftsmanship excellence, ensuring the highest quality and durability over time.

Certified by Italian Artisans: Every detail of our seat cushions has been meticulously crafted by expert Italian artisans, ensuring high-quality workmanship and flawless finishing.

Perfectly Interchangeable with the Original: These seats are designed to be easily installed and replace the original seat without any issues, ensuring a perfect fit and smooth operation.

Easy to Assemble: Thanks to clear instructions and an intuitive design, these seat cushions are very easy to assemble, allowing you to enjoy their benefits in no time.

Renew the interior of your Scania R First Series and R 2018 with our complete seat cushions and cover of high quality, and prepare for more comfortable and enjoyable journeys on the road.

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